Glaceia Henderson-Hopkins 

***Currently starring as Androidonna in Friedrichstadt Palast’s “Vivid Grand Show” until 2020 ***



“Die Soulstimme von Glaceia Henderson lässt bei uns eine wohlige Gänsehaut zurück, die farbenfrohe Kostüme und Bühnenbilder zaubern ein Lächeln auf unsere Gesichter und die Stunts auf den Todesrädern lassen den Atem stocken. Die Gefühle überschlagen sich in der kurzen Zeit! Auch die Botschaft, die während der Vorstellung übermittelt wird, bewegt uns noch im Nachgang – Unser Leben ist ein Geschenk und man sollte das Beste daraus machen.”


The soul voice of Glaceia Henderson leaves us a cozy goose bumps, the colorful costumes and sets conjure a smile on our faces and the stunts on the death wheels take your breath away. Feelings turn over in the short time! Even the message that is conveyed during the performance moves us in the wake – Our life is a gift and you should make the best of it. 

Von-Frederick Hanssen

-Der Tagesspiegel

” So wie die spacigen Klänge aus der Soundanlage den Zuschauer akustisch förmlich umspülen, führt sich der Betrachter auch optisch wie in einem 180-Grad-Panorama. Bis zur Pause ist „Vivid“ schlicht perfekt: Die Gruppenchoreografie der Roboterarmee, Glaceia Henderson als soulig singende Grace-Jones-Wiedergängerin, die regenbogenbunten Froschmenschen, die auf fünf Meter hohen, schwankenden Grashalmen hocken, die Hutkreationen von Philip Treacy, denen Stefano Canulli angemessen verwegene Kostüme hinzugefügt hat, der Spitzentanz der Ballerinas in ihren Veilchenkostümen, die metrosexuelle Nummer, in der die Damen Bubikopf zum Zylinder tragen und die Herren weit schwingende Derwisch-Röcke zum nackten Oberkörper, schließlich die traditionelle Girlreihe, bei der die Tänzerinnen Kreissägen-Kappen tragen, die erst weiß leuchten und später vielfarbig – das alles hat Klasse. Und ist stimmig im Timing ausbalanciert, weil immer wieder ein, zwei Minuten Leerlauf eingebaut sind, damit der Betrachter die Chance hat, die Reizflut der Bilder halbwegs zu verarbeiten.


Just as the spacey sounds from the sound system literally flush around the audience, the viewer also walks visually as in a 180-degree panorama. Until the break, “Vivid” is simply perfect: the robotic army’s group choreography, Glaceia Henderson as a soul-singing Grace Jones revenant, the rainbow-colored frogmen perched on five-meter-high swaying blades of grass, Philip Treacy’s hat creations suitably designed by Stefano Canulli bold costumes added, the ballerinas’ top dance in their violet costumes, the metrosexual number in which the ladies wear bobbed heads to the top and the gentlemen wide-swinging dervish skirts to the bare torso, and finally the traditional girl series in which the dancers wear circular saw caps , which shine first white and later multi-colored – all have class. And is well-balanced in the timing, because again and again one or two minutes idle are installed, so that the viewer has the chance to process the torrent of the pictures halfway. “-Von-Frederick Hanssen, Tagesspiegel.de

“here are some real divas in the show, singers associated with Anchorage Opera, notably Glaceia Henderson as Dotty, Caroline’s friend and one of those optimists whose aspirations rub her the wrong way. Henderson takes a secondary role and, with her strengths as both singer and actress, owns the stage when she steps onto it.” Mike Dunham, Alaska Dispatch News


Glacéia Adele Henderson-Hopkins, a Mezzo-Soprano, began her singing career in Anchorage, Alaska, her birthplace. She attended Westminster Choir College where she received a B.M. degree in Voice Performance.She has studied and trained extensively with ballet dancer and choreographer Pavel Angelov from Cirque du Soleil and the Bolshoi Ballet. She was accepted into the Lula Washington Dance Company in Los Angeles. In New York, she studied acting under John Mabry, Rebecca London, and Joe Pierce at the School for Film and Television as well as Bob Luke. In New York, she has performed in theatrical plays, as well as musical theatre and studied acting for film.

As singer of multiple styles, opera, pop/adult contemporary, R&B, jazz and musical theatre, she has performed each of these different styles internationally. She has auditioned for broadway shows with callbacks, and danced professionally with the Sweet Enuf Dance Troop in New York City under the direction of Amy Jordan, choreographer (Victory Dance Project), whose projects have been presented to Michelle Obama as a part of the initiative to end obesity, as well as to schools around the New York City city area to promote well being and positive change. She has also performed in choirs with orchestra at Lincoln Center, on the concert stage with L’Academie Internationale d’Eté de Nice, and given a solo recital given at the Anchorage Museum.
In addition, she has performed regularly in choirs with orchestra at Lincoln Center, on the concert stage with L’Academie Internationale d’Eté de Nice, and solo recital given at the Anchorage Museum.

In addition, Ms. Henderson-Hopkins has lent her voice to many successfully national and international commercials and films, as well as helped in musical composition in Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York.
Ms. Henderson Hopkins is an avid songwriter, engaged to write songs for artists such as Jennifer Rush, with songs performed by singers, from London, Berlin, United States, and Canada. She has worked with numerous producers and production houses, JSM, including Gary Haase, (Celine Dion, N’SYNC, Jessica Simpson, Chaka Khan,) as well as Mark Wolfson, producer for Tom Hanks’ company, Playtone/Epic records.

While in New York, she has performed in acclaimed, venues, such as the landmark, CBGB’s, Madison Square Garden, Nell’s on 14th, Downtime, and Groove on West 4th as a headlining and back-up singer. In Los Angeles, She has performed at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. with Michael Stone, brother of Sharon Stone, Actress.
In Berlin, She has had the opportunity to work with WhiteHorse Music (Audi, Mercedes, Bitburger, etc.), Nine O’Clock Music (Berlin), and duo, Arne Schumann and Josef Bach of Schumann & Bach (Paul Van Dyk, Til Brünner etc.)